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Mars enterprises possess a nation wide system of technical centers and official representatives to provide unrivaled training and application support. It is vital to partner with a company with demonstrated technical management and product originality. That company is Mars enterprises. Our vision is to be the leader in providing application, solution and training in the automation field. Our mission is to serve the engineering industry by providing better services and value professionally. We are creating value – added services and high quality customer service. Mars Enterprises itself possess a dedicated team of qualified engineers

Service Area

MARS service area

MARS service area Mars Enterprises explore a new horizon in the field of industries / engineering. In the binging its sphere of business consisted over retrofitting. In 2003, Mars Enterprises was appointed as the regional authorized dealer of M/s Centroid Corporation USA to sell, support and service its renowned CNC Control and related products. Mars Enterprises provides sales,service after sale and back up along with one-year warranty. Now by the Grace of Almighty Allah Mars Enterprises also deals with new CNC machine on the abovementioned amenities as a sole dealer in Pakistan. Read More>>


With the collaboration of Mars Enterprises the Pakistan Machine Tool Factory manufactured CNC educational lathe and now they have manufactured CNC Turning center. Now it is going through an endurance test, no doubt it is another break through in Pakistan.

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