Name Maker Model Specification Photo Country Resquest
ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper 0-600mm Mitutoyo 500-501-10 0-600 mm 0.01mm Japan
Diagrammatic Micro meter Mitutoyo 326-251 0-25mm 0.001mm Japan
Radius gauge Mitutoyo 186-105 to 186-107 Please Refer to Mitutoyo Cataloge Japan
Tip Micro Meter Mitutoyo 126-800 10 pieces Japan
Gauge Block Mitutoyo 611600-041 4E 1.4mm Japan
Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo 532-103 0-280mm 0.02mm Japan
Micro Meter Mitutoyo 102-307 0-25mm 0.001mm Japan
Diagrammatic Matic Caliper Mitutoyo 573-152-10 0-150mm Japan
Gauge Block Set Mitutoyo 516-515-10 112 Pieces Set Japan
Dial Indicator Mitutoyo 2046S 0-10 0.01mm Japan
Digimatic Micro meter Mitutoyo 293-230 0-25mm 0.001mm Japan
Micro Meter Mitutoyo 102-302 25-50mm 0.01 Japan