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T-400 CNC Control for Milling machines, Routers, Plasma, Water Jet, Engraving Knee Mills, Bed Mills.
Complete CNC systems for New and Retrofit Installations
A powerful control with user-friendly operation
  • Cut parts the first day with CENTROID's straight forward operation.
  • Get more work through a machine with faster setups.
  • Produce more parts per hour with a better surface finish.
  • Spend less time programming and more time making chips.
  • Bring in more work and bid on higher paying jobs.


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Useful Tools for quicker job turn around.
  • Stop and restart the job at any point to make diameter or tool offset adjustments. click here to see a video.
  • Toolpath Graphics show you the cutter path before running the job.
  • Complete override control of feeds and speeds.
  • Useful Help Screens guide you thru Setup and Programming.
  • Large Color LCD display is easy to read.

Click here to see a video of the tool check feature...

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Dedicated control panel for all common turning functions
  • Clearly labeled controls for each axis and direction.
  • Dedicated buttons for spindle and coolant controls.
  • Spindle speed override and Feedrate override.
  • Tool Check, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Rapid override,
     Incremental and Continuous Jog, Single Block.
  • Customize with Tool index +/-, Clamp/Unclamp, Vac on/off, & more.
  • Extra auxiliary buttons are programmable for special applications.
  • Fully sealed, coolant proof, long-lasting in shop environment.
  • Tactile feedback, raised buttons with distinct action.
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Conversational Programming is fast and easy
  • Program parts right at the control or offline with your desktop PC
  • Centroid's Intercon generates the G codes for you.
  • Help screens for all the common turning cycles,
     just fill in the dimensions
  • A graph of the part shows you your work as you go.
  • Automatic cleanout, Intercon auto creates the roughing and finish passes
  • Fill in the blank programming.

    Click here for more part programming info.
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Dual Electronic Handwheels
Intuitive handwheels provide the operator with a fast and easy way to setup a job. Move an axis just like a manual lathe. Great for touching off part zero positions and setting up tool offsets these CENTROID handwheels have a natural feel and can be used in conjunction with the axis Jog buttons on the operators control panel. A center mounted Joy stick allows for easy fast jogging of both the X an Z axis in both directions. The CENTROID dual handwheels can be mounted anywhere on the lathe with the provided sealed mounting box or can be mounted flush into your existing cabinet.

See a short Video click here...
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USB port for use with any USB Storage device.

Quickly and easily load G code programs and DXF files into the control with a USB thumb drive. Downloading large G-code part programs generated from a CAD/CAM system is now fast and simple. The control automatically recognizes the USB thumb drive and a drive letter shows up on the load menu along with the built-in hard drive. You can even graph the G-code part programs directly from the USB thumb drive to identify the program you want before downloading into the control! USB drive support is a standard feature.

Ethernet LAN connection, RS-232, and MPG connector are also standard features of the T400 CNC control.


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For more information on the T-400 CNC controls for Lathes
Download a color T-400 brochure in PDF
click here to download

OEM CNC Controls packages are ready to install.
Not just a box of parts! Centroid's CNC controls are the fastest and easiest to integrate onto a new machine. The controls arrive ready to install with the control panels preconfigured for your particular machine, saving hours -- if not days -- of installation time. PLC ladder logic is also preprogrammed for your particular machine. The T-400 is available with our affordable DC brush axis motors OR our new super powerful AC Brushless axis motors.


Retrofit CNC Kits for Lathes and Turning Centers

Good iron? Obsolete control? Time for a CENTROID Retrofit! Turn your Lathe into a money-making machine with a modern Centroid CNC control. Our complete turnkey retrofit systems are prepared for your specific machine, making retrofit installation times much faster. Machining performance is better than new, programming is now faster and simpler, and maintenance costs are virtually eliminated. How much money per year are you spending to keep your old control alive? Don't throw away your money when you could have a new reliable Centroid CNC installed (with training) for less than the cost to keep on an old CNC alive. The Centroid retrofit upgrade is also much less than the cost of buying new.

Click here for more retrofit information.

See a short control system Video here..


CENTROID CNC Service and Support
Centroid CNC controls have a proven reliable track record and offer cool, quiet operation. Our controls are easy to maintain, with autotune, dragplot and self diagnostics. Centroid CNC users are supported by a nation wide network of local Factory Trained Technical Representatives who provide fast affordable service, training and upgrades. Centroid users can stay up with current technology with easy Centroid CNC software updates. In just minutes new CNC features can be added to the control.


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