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Item Model
Item Model
Table size 1,520x612mm
Ball-screw diameter 40mm (1.57")
Table T-slot (WxN) 18mm (0.71")x5 Pitch of ball-screw X,Y/Z 8mm/6mm
(Z : 8 is opt.)
Max. table load (Center) 1,000kgs (2,200lbs) X & Y axis rapid feed 16M (640ipm) / min
X travel 1,320mm (52") Z axis rapid feed 12M (480ipm) / min
Y travel 660mm (26") Cutting feed 6M (240ipm) / min
Z travel 700mm (27.5") ATC type Armless type
(Arm type is opt.)
Arm type
Spindle nose to table surface 124~824mm
Tool storage  capacity 24 tools
Spindle center to column 700mm (27.6") Max. tool diameter 90mm (3.5") 125mm (4.9")
Table surface to floor 865mm (34.1") Max. tool weight 7kgs (15lbs) 15kgs (33lbs)
Spindle speed #40 8,000RPM
(Opt. 10,000rpm)
Positioning accuracy 0.005mm (0.0002")
Spindle speed #50 6,000RPM
(Opt. 8,000rpm)
Repeatability accuracy 0.003mm (0.0001")
Spindle motor 20HP 25HP Coolant pump 0.61HP
Spindle taper CAT or BT #40 CAT or BT #50 Machine weight (Approx) 7,700kgs (16,940lbs)
Spindle pulling force #50:1,800kgs 10% Dimension 3,680x2,860x2,565mm
Spindle belt 8YU belt    
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