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A Powerful & Heavy-Duty VMC that give you the Advantage!!!
The Ability to Machine Components Normally Requiring Much Larger,
More Expensive Machine Tool
  • 1020 x 650 x 635 mm Travel (X-Y-Z)
  • 15 HP High Power Spindle Motor
  • Table Size 550 x 1220 mm,
  • BT40/8,000 rpm spindle,
  • 20m/min Rapid speed
  • Solid Box way Construction
  • Integrated Chip Auger
  • Standard Umbrella Type ATC (20 Tools)
  • High speed Arm Type ATC Available (24 or 40 Tools)
  • SEIMENS 810D w/ShopMill Medals 64S/65S or FANUC 0i B
  • Integrated 4th Axis Available
  • Compact Design Requires Minimum Floor Space
Item Model
VMC- 1066
Spindle center to column
640 mm
Spindle nose to table
120 - 730 mm
Vertical travel (Z-axis)
610 mm
Cross travel (Y-axis)
610 mm
Longitudinal travel (X-axis)
1020 mm
Max. Table loading capacity
800 kgs
T-slots (width x No. x patch)
18 (H8) x 5 x 100 mm
Table size
550 x 1220 mm
Spindle Taper
BT40 (Std), CAT 40 or DIN 69871A (Opt)
Spindle speed range
80-8000 rpm (Std), 80-10,000 rpm (Opt)
Spindle Motor (Cont./30 min)
7.5/11(STD), 11/15 (OPT) KW
Ballscrew Dia. x Pitch
40 mm x 10 mm x C 3 Class
Cutting feedrate(X-Y-Z)
1 - 5000 m/min
Rappid traverse (X-Y-Z)
X-Y: 20 m/min, Z: 16 m/min
Feed Motor torgue(X-Y-Z)
12 Nm
Positioning Repeatability
¡Ó0.003/300 mm (¡Ó 0.0001/12")
¡Ó0.005/300 mm (¡Ó 0.0002/12")
Machine weight (Approx)
6500 kgs
Air required
6 kg/cm (85 psi)
Power Required
25 KVA
Packing for shipment
230 x 300 x 255 mm
Floor space (L x W x H)
260 x 300 x 280 cm
Door open width
1050 mm (41")
Coolant Pump motor
0.8 Kw
Tool change time (tool to tool)
7 sec (Carousel type), 2 sec for Arm Type
Max. Tool Weight
7 kgs
Max. Tool Length
300 mm (12")
Max. Tool diameter
ø80 mm(Carousel type), ø76 mm (Arm Type)
Pull Stud
MAS 403-P40T (45¢X) or PS-CAT40(45¢X)
Tool selection
By address code, Random / bi-directional rotation
Tool magazine (Arm type Opt.)
24 or 40 tools
Tool magazine (Carousel type Std.)
20 tools
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