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The BM-series Toolroom mills is designed for machine shop that need prototypes, short runs production and CNC for small batches production working, reduce set up time for complex part and improve part consistence and quality, a complete range available choose for high quality at the affordable price to fit your needs...


X-Y-Z Travel: 1300 x 600 x 600 mm
Table size: 420 x 1600 mm

  • One piece casting iron Base/Column damps vibration and provides rigidity for heavy cuts.
  • Heavy Cartridge spindle, BT#40/6000 rpm.
  • Precision ground double nut ballscrews for X-Y-Z.
  • Steel way cover for X-Y-Z.
  • Table Guard & back guard with chips tray.
  • Coolant system & Halogen work light
  • AC brushless axes drives & motor.
  • Available with 16-pocket automatic tool changer
  • ANILAM 33OO CNC Control System :
    12" Flat Panel Color Screen Monitor
    DXF File Feature - Reads AutoCAD Files
    Machinist Language Conversational Programming
    High Speed DNC (Runs Standard G and M Codes)
    RS-232 Port - 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive
    12 Gigabyte Extended Storage Memory
Rigid Construction
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