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Combination of Manual, Teach and CNC Operation ....

BM-460T was designed for toolmakers and jobshop machining, Rigid Meehanite Casting with ample ribs construction and stress relieved for excellent stability, Hardened and Ground of slideways Turcit-B lined on all Slideways & Gibbs and precision hand scraped for perfect alignment and smooth traverse,5 HP Vector inverter drives for Programmable spindle speed and NT #40/4000rpm, Swivel ¡Ó45¢X (R & L) by worm gear and tied up with 4 off screws, manual Quill travel with Hi-Low back gears for heavy cutting, the large Ø40 mm of precision ground ball-screw with double nuts on 3-axes and mounted on both of end, the AC brushless axes servo motors & drives to provide accurate traverse and maintenance-free, X-Y-Z axes & Quill Travel : 1000 x 500 x 500 & 105 mm, Table size : 400 x 1370 mm and 500 KGS Table load capacity.
Item Model
BM-460 T
Spindle center to column 510 mm (20")
Spindle nose to table top 110 - 620 mm
Vertical travel (Z-axis) 500 mm (20")
Cross travel (Y-axis) 500 mm
Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 1000 mm (40")
Max. Table loading capacity 500 kgs
T-slots (width x No. x patch) 16 x 3 x 100 mm
Table size 400 x 1370 mm
Spindle Taper NT 40
Spindle speed range(standard) 60-4200 rpm
Spindle Motor 5 HP
Cutting feedrate(X-Y-Z) 4 min
Rappid traverse (X-Y-Z) 10 m/min
Feed Motor torgue(X-Y-Z) 6 Nm
Positioning repeatability ¡Ó0.003 mm( ¡Ó0.0001"/12")
Positioning ¡Ó0.005 mm(¡Ó 0.002"/12")
Machine weight 3500 kgs
Air required 6 kg/cm (85 psi)
Power required 15 KVA
Floor space (L x W X H)cm 170 x 260 x 250 cm
Automatic Tool Changer N/A
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